Stephen Opper

B.A., NCLMBT #2955

Stephen Opper practices Structural Bodywork, and teaches Therapeutic, and Natural Movement Systems in Asheville, North Carolina

Therapeutic Movement Sessions

therapeutic movement


Speed your recovery


 Eliminate pain


 Discover new                      possibilities


        Learn the tools and knowledge of how to help your body feel better everyday. While I have tremendous faith in the effectiveness of skilled bodywork, in the long run it is the cumulative effects of day to day living which have the greatest impact.  Receive simple movement snacks to incorporate into your daily life which help reverse the effects of injuries, overuse, and ageing. Every body is unique, and individualized sessions allow us to focus on your specific needs. Below are some exercises and self-assessments which have proven their effectiveness. Feel free to contact me with questions or for clarifications. 

        I offer individualized Therapeutic Movement sessions to help people move beyond pain, and re-discover freedom and ease within their own body. 

                               Contact me to discuss your needs

“hey, I just wanted you to know why I haven’t scheduled a session in a while. My hip has been much better, and every time it acts up I just do the exercises you showed me, and the pain goes away. Thank you for all your help!”    Julie H.

Video Tutorials

Ankle sequence:   

  If the ankles are restricted in any direction, then everything above them will have to compensate in some manner. This tutorial is designed to help you navigate the different angles which may need to be addressed.





Hip sequence 1

Hip sequence 1. This progression targets every angle of the hip to build an intrinsic balance between strength and flexibility.  Only go as deep as is comfortable, and pay careful attention to the relative tensions around your hips: tension around the left hip vs right hip, in the front of the hip vs the back of the hip, etc.  spend more time in the areas which need it.  The beauty of this sequence is that the loaded stretching will strengthen areas which are weak, and open areas which are tight.

Abdominal Self-Massage

One of the things I frequently suggest to clients and students is to use a ball for self abdominal massage. So here is a tutorial to help guide you. This can be of profound benefit for opening up the front line of the body.