Stephen Opper

B.A., NCLMBT #2955

Stephen Opper practices Structural Bodywork, and teaches Therapeutic, and Natural Movement Systems in Asheville, North Carolina

I came to study the healing arts after years of training in martial arts and qi-gong. This led me to study Tui-na, Chinese medical massage, at the International Institute of Chinese medicine in Albuquerque, NM.

Tui-na is the manual medicine component of Chinese medicine, and includes aspects similar to massage therapy, energy work, physical therapy, and osteopathy. Tui-na is based on both muscul-oskeletal anatomy, as well as Chinese energetic anatomy, and treats both physical and physiological conditions.

I graduated in 1998 and have been in private practice since that time. I also hold a B.A. in Ethnoecology from Warren Wilson College.

I am fully trained in Neuromuscular therapy, St. John method, and have received advanced Neuromuscular therapy training through Neurosomatic educators, and I have studied various other modalities in order to increase my understanding and effectiveness, including:

various types ofmyofascial release,  Energy work/Qi gong healing,  Thai medical massage,  Cranio-sacral therapy,  Visceral balancing

I do not separate modalities, but draw from my repertoire as needed.

It is through my studies of qi-gong and energy arts that I came to my appreciation of the importance of alignment, which has been augmented through training in structural bodywork. Electromagnetic energy flows easily through a body that is relaxed. Maintaining relaxation in movement requires proper alignment, and when proper alignment is restored, many seemingly unrelated energetic and physiological issues are spontaneously resolved.

I know first-hand how debilitating chronic pain can be, and I have learned how unnecessary it usually is.