Stephen Opper

B.A., NCLMBT #2955

Stephen Opper practices Structural Bodywork, and teaches Therapeutic, and Natural Movement Systems in Asheville, North Carolina

Bodywork and Movement Therapy

Stephen Opper Asheville

Eliminate pain, Restore Mobility, Cultivate Longevity                   

Structural Bodywork

Eliminate pain, remove restrictions, and get to the root of your issues 

18 years experience in advanced massage and bodywork. I read the patterns in your body to find and eliminate the source of the problem, and keep it from coming back. Specializing in chronic pain, mis-alignments, and injury rehabilitation. 

 Therapeutic Movement

Speed your recovery, eliminate pain, and discover new possibilities

Take control of your own healing with individually tailored exercises. Based on assessments of you standing, walking, working, and moving, learn to re-pattern yourself and redistribute stress through your body. 

Natural Movement

Cultivate self-healing, relaxed power, and increased vitality 

Distilled from over 30 years of experience in traditional and internal martial arts, and over 18 years of experience performing bodywork, I will share with you the best practices and methods I have found, and help you avoid the many pitfalls on the way.  


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