Stephen Opper

B.A., NCLMBT #2955

Stephen Opper practices Structural Bodywork, and teaches Therapeutic, and Natural Movement Systems in Asheville, North Carolina

Classes and Events:


breakfall asheville

Basics of ground flow, rolling, and break-falling

Gravity and the ground are 2 constant companions in life and in training.  Make them your allies instead of your enemies. Safely build the structure, strength, and fluidity required to play and explore these forces. The materials in this course have benefit for therapeutics, generalized movement, and martial application.

4 week series, Mondays 7:30-9 pm.  February 20, 27, March 6, and 13

at the violet owl wellness, 62 wall st, Asheville NC.  (payment through  the Violet owl)

Co-taught with Luke White, teacher of movement, meditation, and martial arts

And Stephen Opper, movement consultant, internal martial artist, and bodyworker

This will be the first of many series co-taught by these 2 instructors

No previous experience required, moderate intensity



 Feb 2- Mar 23      8 week self-defense class      Hosted By Royal Peasantry

Thursdays, 7:30-9:00.  At Ouroboros Movement Studio, 606 new Leicester Hwy

"Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.'"
Sun Tzu
"Sun Tzu (or rather the above mentioned paraphrasing on his words) is referring to a balance of power. It is wisely suggesting that, at all times, you should make the option of avoiding conflict, or surrendering during conflict, appear more appealing to your enemy.
For several countries, today still, this is essential.
In times of war you achieve this by a relentless, aggressive, well orchestrated and carefully planned effort to obtain victory and deprive your enemy of the initiative, making him pay a price - higher than he expected -for choosing the path of war."

Join RP Hostess and student Daniella Miller with teachers Stephen Opper and Spencer Bolejack for this workshop series developed for those who seek to keep the peace in potenitailly dangerous situations. Learn to defend yourself, de-esculate with awareness, and stay calm in the eye of the storm. 

This course is a multifaceted journey into the power and
confidence that is within us all, the cultivated abiity of training our nervous system and emotional response to difficult situations in order to keep violence from taking over. 

Body awareness, Qi cultivation, arm locks, proper ,primitive movement, hitting/recieving, defensive psycology tactics, situational role play training, rope skills and many other martial and peacekeeping skills will be presented weekly. Through movement, personal hands on instruction and games we will help you delvlop your badass peacekeeping nature. 

February 2- March 23, 7:30-9 pm
Ouroborours Movement Studio
15$ prepay a class or all 8 weeks for $100
paypal or at the shop
class limited to 15 students, reserve your spot! 

Spencer Bolejack is the owner of

Private and group instruction available, call (828)231-5031

or E-mail


                        “Stephen Opper's Natural Movement System is both methodical and       intuitive;  like the gears of a clock range of motion is explored throughout the body joint by joint. In one hour I came away with stretches, stances, and especially theory that targeted some of the stickiest parts of my body.” Daniel J. Asheville






Private and group instruction available (828)231-5031